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Erway Ambulance Service, Inc.

Code of Ethics

Our Golden Rule

First impressions are important. A person may not remember what you did for them but they will always remember how you made them feel. Whether you are a dispatcher, a medic, or a business office representative, you should always strive to be cordial, regardless of the circumstances.

Principle Corporate Values

It is vital that we instill trust within our community and among each other

We must always show compassion to our patients and their caregivers

We must maintain professional competence and always strive to do our best

In keeping with the highest moral, ethical and legal standards, we must always strive to make right-good decisions. These decisions must be "good" from a business standpoint and "right" from an ethical standpoint. The following Guiding Principles have been defined to help you make right-good decisions.

Guiding Principles

1. Employees must place the health and welfare of the patients in our community above all personal and financial interests.

2. Employees must treat all patients and their care givers with dignity and respect.

3. Employees must conduct themselves in a manner so as to bring honor and integrity to themselves, their associates and our business. This includes working harmoniously with associates including first responders, nurses, physicians and other support staff.

4. Employees must always act in a professional manner when in uniform. Keeping in mind that you should always set an example of good health for our community, smoking in uniform is only permitted in designated areas, away from the public eye. Your appearance must be neat and clean at all times.

5. Employees must maintain professional competence by attending continuing education offerings and keeping all required certifications current.

6. Employees must accept only those fees that are customary and lawful for services rendered. Accepting financial tips is forbidden.

7. Employees must refuse to participate in unethical practices or procedures. He/she must report suspected unethical practices to management.

8. Employees should evaluate themselves by comparing themselves with the idea of perfection, not by comparing themselves with others.

9. To determine if an action is right or wrong one must concentrate on
the likely consequences for all stakeholders
our company's policies and procedures
our company's values
your own personal convictions

Open Door Policy

Employees are encouraged to freely express their ideas and are welcome to ask for opinions from management about ethical issues that are of concern to them. In the event that there is a dispute between two parties we will seek to resolve the conflict both fairly and objectively, keeping in mind the individual consciences of those involved. If necessary, management will consult additional opinions from legal counsel or other outside resources.